Optima XPN

Beckman Coulter ULtracentrifuge

Designing the user experience for a line of centrifuges, ranging from basic models to high performance automated ultracentrifuges.  New capabilities driven by modern use cases brought about features such as remote access, network programmable runs, and the first ever smartphone control app.  


Streamlined experience

The objective was to create an interface that visually directs the user through the required aspects of the workflow. Helping first time users as well and seasoned professionals to easily setup and operate the device with little to no hesitation was balanced by keeping features visible and help readily available.  Combining the accessibility of a traditional analog dashboard with flexibility of a digital user interface allowed for a level of control and automation never before seen on this type of device.

resizeable help bubbles.jpg

Assisted workflows

To further assist novice users a help mode was designed to be a simple toggle switch away.  This allows users to learn features on the fly and without the need for a training or a manual.  If further assistance is needed, an online help mode can be accessed through the same help mode.

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INstrument Management

With the added ability to pre-program runs, access remote features and connect to automation, a profile management was designed to help users setup the instrument for specific tasks and a multi-user environment.