Deskjet 3700

HP all-in-one desktop printer

This all-in-one inkjet printer is the worlds smallest and most affordable all-in-one printer on the market.  Combining a compact expanding and collapsing form-factor with a scroll-feed document scanner the Deskjet 3700 was deigned to fit into any living space without sacrificing features.  

2016-07-31 Lhasa.548.jpg

Breaking away from conventional All-in-Ones

The challenge to create a printer that featured all the capabilities of larger more sprawling devices more than double its size was not easy.  Many new and alternative way of accomplishing the age old tasks were explored and virtually every surface on the device serves an essential function. Every millimeter and curvature was meticulously sculpted in order to fit everything in to a tight and highly usable package.  


The Experience

The Deskjet 3700 was designed to refresh the way we print, by bringing the age old task of photo printing into the digital age. In a world where device learning curves are virtually non-existent, we worked hard to make sure that the experience of simply printing was no exception. 

Starting from a mobile perspective, the experience is designed to start with mobile devices and laptops in the forefront of the experience. This resulted in a user journey that was quite different than other Deskjet products and inspired a unique take on the product as it was developed and tested.

Weather you're in another room printing wireless, or walking up with a document that you need to make a few quick copies of, the on device controls and mobile printing applications are just as intuitive as what you would expect from a modern IOT device. The Deskjet 3700 is designed to meet the needs of entry level all-in-one users in new and interesting ways in a simple and easy to use form factor.