HP Mobile Photo Printer


Understanding photo printing in the digital age

Creating a product that brings the experience of physical photo sharing to the could-based market began by discovering opportunities that provide value beyond the simple functions of a photo printing product. Understanding motives and the intrinsic values that resonate with users in the modern digital space was key to finding the opportunities that would translate into the physical and lifestyle space.

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Who wants photos and where do they want them

Research showed that there was opportunity to provide a physical photo solution for an outside the home social setting. But could this be done with a device? Where people once caddied dedicated digital cameras to simply capture photos, the next progression in the way of physical photo sharing came from bringing the experience of producing that physical photo closer to the moment it was captured.

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The outcome

With the discovery of this opportunity, the objective became centered around creating a device that would bring physical photos into the midst of the action, and initiate a more direct and personal sharing experience.

Competing for space inside a users handbag or pocket was a highly important challenge to address. So the idea to combine the device with other accessories that may be brought along to a typical social event was proposed as a further enhancement to the social photo experience. The device itself would initially serve as a single function mobile printer, but with interchangeable attachments such as a battery pack, Bluetooth speaker, etc… Users would not have to decide between bringing along some extra juice for their devices, tunes, and an instant compact photo booth.

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