BG3 Product line

Sierra Emissions Testing system

creating stand-out branding for the automotive industry

Developing a product for an established company in the automotive and industrial equipment industry was the first part of the challenge in re-designing the Sierra Emissions Testing line of products. We began by implementing a branding strategy that focused on touch-points as well as overall part design, to create an experience that gave the product line subconscious recognition when in use and a slightly more obvious expression when marketed together. This approach more notably allowed us to focus on creating products that were unhindered in the unpredictable and rugged automotive testing environment and enabled users accomplish tasks easier and more efficiently than ever before.

Phase 01 Renderings.jpg
Sierra Instruments Phase 02 HF.jpg

In use experience

Understanding the how the technicians and engineers who operate this equipment use it every day was the first step in the process to developing the basic configuration and component layout of the re-design. Heavy testing of numerous iterations of the sample and dilution unit were conducted to optimize everything from basic accessibility to a mobile base that lowered the center of gravity to allow the unit to be easily rolled through and around the cluttered floors of testing labs.