Toccata Automation System

Beckman Coulter

2016-07-31 UX Scene 02.557.jpg

Learning from the environment

In the environment of the high volume laboratory testing, usability and efficiency is paramount, laboratory technicians are constantly working on repetitive tasks that require high attention to detail, all while under pressure to work at high speeds. Insights from this scenario drove the Toccata Automated sample system to be designed around user needs and workflows rather than the technical feedback from the systems components.


Screens were designed to be customizable based on the devices in the automation line and the tasks of specific installments, but with the common theme of providing high visibility feedback of the systems most critical statuses. The heads up “windshield” always gives users access to core functions and home, as well as overall job statuses.

Since operators are constantly interacting with a multitude of similar devices around the lab, we took a more literal approach when it came to ques prompting interaction with hardware on the devices themselves. Samples, Tips, Cartridges, etc…have their status displayed in illustration style graphics that help the user to locate them when changing, clearing or refilling.


developing with the users

Working with users more familiar with the everyday use cases related to both the hardware and software of these automation systems was immensely helpful to work out the optimal interactions between the device itself and the interface. Rounds of human factors mock-ups were created and tested to help refine the subtleties of the overall user experience of these products.


Considering all possibilities

In addition to working with users in physical space, an extensive amount of exploration was done around mechanical configurations to optimize human factors before and after building mock-ups. Working digitally allows us to explore many more iterations around scenarios and learnings from our sessions with users to further refine and develop the product.