SOlar FLora II

Follow-up concept and proposal the the Solar Flora also designed at Nectar.

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Expanding on the success of the PREDECESSOR

The first Solar Flora was designed as a public installation that proved art, function, and solar power could be a compelling part of the future infrastructure. The first generation unit stored the power of the sun during the day and emitted it back during the night, resulting in a completely self sustaining light structure that lives in Downtown Long Beach.

With the goal of creating a new modular system that could serve a multitude of needs while deriving its power from the sun, the Solar Flora II was designed as a concept for public spaces, large campuses and theme parks.

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a modular solution

Leaning more towards the product design approach this time around, the Solar Flora II was designed as a kit of parts that could be configured into anything from a simple street light, to a seating arrangement, to signage or way-finding. Each unit can be configured with 1 to 3, 50W solar panels depending on the components attached.

The panels can be positioned almost anywhere and still capture the the suns energy at full potential due to the made-to-length extruded stock and infinitely adjustable panel system. The compound curvature adjustment system can be rotated a full 360 degrees in any direction with up to 45 degrees of tilt at any given point; giving a completely slightly distinct yet graceful stance to every unique Solar Flora based on its position on the earth.

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DIsney Proposal

When approached by Disney for a lighting system to be included in a revamping of its Epcot Center, the Solar Flora II was ready to meet the requirements with only minor adjustments for branding and park guidelines.

Solar Flora Disney Lights 03 ENH.jpg