Clearcom Digital Network Intercom System

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The challenge and the learning

Tasked with creating an intercom system ready to be easily setup and packed-up in any situation, as well as permanently mounted in a multimedia studio or auditorium, we began by delving into the objective use cases. While researching network intercom scenarios we found that the existing solutions used a multitude of products for only slightly different tasks, and both temporary and permanent event venues were not as dissimilar as they seemed.

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Ideatiating a flexible solution

With the goal of creating a product that could be used in any scenario, a modular solution was developed to address the needs and opportunities discovered in research. Many iterations were done and we eventually narrowed the configuration to a main unit consisting of all the critical components along with a detachable base for the mobile use cases was designed. The main unit could be removed from the base and mounted into walls and along side other flat mounted equipment, while with the base attachment it could be optimized for the mobile scenarios. The assembled units would provide protection when collapsed and could be nested for travel as well as allowing the device to be setup virtually anywhere, hung from anything, propped-up, laid flat, and even carried.