HP NextGen Desktop Printer

The future of desktop

In the increasingly virtual world, NextGen printing devices are challenged to be more than just a way to process documents and photos. Competing for space in the home and justifying it with a digital to physical product is the challenge that is addressed with this device. While still maintaining all the functionality current devices with a plethora of slots, trays, and protruding forms that all serve separate functions, the Raptor takes a more monolithic approach with only one external articulation. Designed to fit subtly into the home environment with a sparing amount of visual interest only to convey the technological nature of the product, the aim was for the design to be appreciated only when noticed.

Reduced interaction

Creating a form that did the opposite of evoke a sense of interactivity was the objective with Raptor. All unnecessary buttons and manual interactivity was removed from the device itself and left to mobile and desktop applications in order to further simplify the device.

Soft touch points

For a device that stems from the analog and tangible side of technology, it seemed only right to use soft, warm, and comfortable materials, especially at interaction points. The entire device is wrapped in a lightly textured thermoplastic (with the exception of the accent band), to provide a touch experience that pleasantly contrasts that of most technology devices.